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Émission n°306 - Édition 4 du confinement - Un printemps Pop

28 Avril, 2020


01/ THE SMITHS - “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before”
02/ THE APARTMENTS - “Things You’ll Keep”
03/ SUPERGRASS - “She’s So Loose”

Emission n°21

28 Août, 2007

1.Whitest Boy Alive - Burning
2.Flight Attendants - Dive

Samples & Reprises:

3.Nina simone - My baby just care for me
4.Edward Norton- My baby just care for me

5.The Bird and The Bee - Again & Again
6.Calexico & Valérie Leuliot - Sundown, Sundown (Lee Hazelwood)
7.Lauter - Hit the road
8.Guillaume Eluerd- Ballad

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